Nev March: Author of Historical Mysteries

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My visit to the Rajabai Tower in May 2019 was rather a hair-raising experience! On a blistering, 95-degrees-in-the-shade, humid afternoon, the University of Mumbai authorities allowed me to visit the Rajabai Tower escorted by a lady guard. Battling claustrophobia in the narrow vertical tower, its stone walls so close that my elbows brushed them on both sides, we climbed up to the Gallery entrance.

On the way we entered two enormous 'resonance chambers' that amplify the bells, and heard the chimes resounding twice. The tower bells play the Westminster chime on the hour, followed by the number of hours--two to signify two o'clock. Closed to the public, there was little air in the tower, since many gaps in the stonework have been closed up. 

Watch the video (to the right) to get a sense of what it was like on the way down. This trip was excellent research to get a sense of the interior of this ancient landmark. The Gallery is not open to visitors due to concerns for their safety.